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Hamid Khazaei Inquest

On Monday the 28th of November the Coronial Inquest into the death of Hamid Khazaei started in Brisbane. Hamid who was 24 years old died in September 2014 in a Brisbane hospital after a cut foot he had sustained on Manus Island became infected and he developed septicaemia. In the excellent 4 Corners’ report, "Bad Blood", Hamid’s mother says: "My son was full of emotion. I love and I still love him, I still feel him. I feel he is at home. I talk to him." The Inquest this month is the first involving the offshore detention centres. Doctors for Refugees has been granted leave to appear at the hearing; our application acknowledged our group as an independent registered organisation with a depth of medical expertise and a commitment to preventing a similar outcome again. The extensive information and testimony we have since obtained from the Court has been reviewed by our experts and all the doctors involved in preparing this have donated their time without pay, as have all the doctors who work hard for all of Doctors for Refugees cases. Maurice Blackburn solicitors and barrister Gerry Mullins are representing us pro bono. However, we need funds for other incidentals including the airfares and accommodation to Brisbane. The hearing will go for two weeks and resume in February 2017 for another two weeks. This case is Doctors for Refugees’ first fundraising drive and any assistance you can give is much appreciated. Thanks to all who have already helped.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CHIP IN NOW Suggested Amounts: $100/$200/$500 or an amount of your choosing.

If you would like to join Doctors For Refugees in our fight for the humane treatment of Asylum seekers and refugees. Consider becoming a memeber by clicking the link below.


*If the costs of the Coronial Inquest are covered any excess funds raised will go towards our ongoing fight for the humane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees. Please refer to the about us section of our website for further information on how donated money is used.

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